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Wildly Exaggerated: The Deadhead Imagery Makes So Much More Sense Now

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Deadhead Imagery Makes So Much More Sense Now

Let me tell you something I know: if you have to google "How to be more imaginative", you've already failed.

I know this because I got bored and googled that very thing yesterday. Thankfully, there is a wikihow page out there for all of us unimaginative people, and is glorious. Whoever wrote it spent a great deal of time and effort on it, and hell, I googled for it, so it certainly isn't useless/pointless information. And I guess it was pretty effective, because it got me thinking...

In section #7, for example, we find these two sentences:
Do you have a friend who speaks random, ridiculous phrases that seem to defy logic and rational thought? Your friend may be more imaginative than you. 

As it happens, ALL of my friends speak in random, ridiculous, logic-defying phrases like "you can't eat JUST raw cookie dough for three weeks" and "I'm not going to loan you any more money" and "don't give up bathing for Lent". So they are probably pretty imaginative! Then again, by this logic, there is a guy living on 14th Street who ought to be doing creativity seminars. It's a fine line, is what I'm saying.

Later in the same paragraph, the author suggests we "try to solve a problem using only penguins and mason jars". Ha! Here's a real challenge: try to think of a problem I HAVEN'T solved with penguins and mason jars! Exactly.

Moving on to section #8, we discover the most disturbing picture I've ever seen, which frankly drives home my point about crazy people:
Nightmare-inducing photo courtesy of above-referenced wikihow page
Based on its context in this article, we can assume this is a picture of a person who hit some kind of creative block and said to himself, "I know! I'll rip the head off an animal or likeness thereof and wear it over my own skull! Of course!" ...and that's how they found him. Asphyxiated in a teddy bear head. Because that's what happens to imaginative people. Lesson learned.

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